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About us

Refsnes Laks is a family-owned company based in Åfjord municipality in Trøndelag county.

We have been in business in Åfjord since 1918 and build on generations of experience and life along the Atlantic coast. The coastal community has developed an ability to continuously evolve and how they utilise the food resources available from the sea. We are part of a sustainable and forward-looking industry that contributes to employment and sustaining a vibrant coastal community.

For Refsnes Laks, integrity and trust are vital. We build on traditions. We are a company which both contributes to and takes responsibility of the society we are part of, and for it’s long-term development. We are keen to look ahead and be adaptable. We are continuously developing within the framework of the changing conditions that exist for our industry.

The company currently has about 23 employees and we focus on sustainable salmon farming in net pens in the sea. The salmon grow in the net pens until the fish reach about 4-6 kilos in weight, when the salmon is ready for slaughter.

The fish is slaughtered on Frøya island, and our silvery and shiny salmon is then sold to customers in many countries. Our salmon end up on the tables of discerning customers in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, the Emirates, Ukraine, the EU member states, and at least 20 additional countries.

The history of Refsnes Laks

The fish in the sea provided the base for the Refsnes family, when they from 1918 started to build their business at Revsnes. There has been a fishing port and processing plant for wild catch here on the small islet since then, in order to produce and export both herring, dry fish and Klippfisk*. Today it houses the Refsnes Laks feeding center, our administration offices and the SeeSalmon Visitor center. We can still see some of the many fish flakes (A-shaped frames/racks) that were used to dry fish.

*Klippfisk/ Clipfish/Clip fish is dried salted Cod (well known as the base for Bacalao)

Fresh sea

Sustainable production of salmon provides development and growth with major impact for both Norway as a country, and for our coastal communities. Norway today accounts for 50% of the world's salmon farming. 70% of the Earth's surface is ocean, but only 2% of the world's food comes from the ocean. Aquaculture can help increase the proportion of food sourced from the sea. The United Nations Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy believe that it is possibleto produce six times more seafood than the current production levels.

Norwegian aquaculture has for 60 years built up efficient technologies for salmon farming in the sea. We all depend on a clean, fresh ocean; and at Refsnes Laks we are committed to producing sustainable salmon from the sea, making healthy and tasty food.

The salmon swim around in fresh seawater in our net pens. The natural currents provide a good flow of water and very good conditions for fish farming, and the fish grow well.

Refsnes Laks has established the SeeSalmon Visitor Centers in Trondheim and in Åfjord through a license provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. SeeSalmon aims to provide visitors with an engaging experience that provides increased interest, insight and knowledge about salmon and about salmon farming.

SeeSalmon Trondheim
Visit the SeeSalmon Trondheim knowledge and activity centre. The NTNU University Museum’s exhibition on aquaculture and salmon farming is based on credible knowledge and research-backed facts. The Visitor center uses high-tech digital solutions in order to create an exciting experience for visitors.

SeeSalmon Stoksund
Visit fish farms with net pens at SeeSalmon in Åfjord, our Visitor centre is just two hours from Trondheim.

Visit SeeSalmon

All bookings are made via the SeeSalmon website